Breaking away or Joining in?

It’s been knocking around in my head for a couple of years now,  and, in all honesty,  I’ve decided realised that deep down, I decided some time ago that I’m an atheist!

 It seems I can’t let one thought about religion or God waft around my mind without catching it in a butterfly net and pulling off its wings to see if there’s anything inside it that I can’t squish into goo.

Turns out that if you squish hard enough, it all does.

Only thing is – do I see myself as breaking away from a group, or joining another? Or neither? Or both?

This is more confusing than being agnostic..


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Sexist Microwaves

I have spent almost the entirety of today reading about the ‘great sexist conspiracy of the development of the microwave’.

It is part of one of my modules looking at the ‘History and Philosophy of Science’. Module’s name is ‘Technology in the Modern World’. And today’s topic has been the issue of gender in the context of Technological progress. 

  • This has involved reading the writings of deranged women who believe that everything to do with the microwave – from purpose to distribution to use to domestic change it brings about – is deliberately conceived in a way that represses women and benefits men.
  • It is  
    • a) Fucking ridiculous
    • b) Stupid 
    • c) Only partly based on fact 
    • d) Hilarious  

  • But the weird thing is that I have loved it. 
  • I loved sitting there taking it all in.  
  • Don’t think many other people I know would.  
  • Good? Bad? Weird?  
  • I’m not sure but I think it means I’m different. 
  • And that’s never Ever completely a bad thing 🙂

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Oh dear

Coming home from Leeds yesterday, I noticed something.
Something I’ve seen many many times, but never really looked at before.


A ‘semi-fast’ train.

What the hell does that mean? I know in train terms it means that it was to go from Finchley road to Harrow on the Hill without stopping, but the phrase is so stupid!

Surely semi-fast just means ‘quick’, or ‘nippy’?

What a silly adjective ‘semi-fast’ is.

September 23, 2006 at 11:20 am Leave a comment – A side project [UPDATED]

So, off to Uni next week (Whoah!)

People (mostly family and family friends) are asking me to commit to regular phone calls etc.

Likely? Not really…

So I’ve set up a seperate blog to chronicle my ramble through Uni, which they can all check!

Needless to say, it will contain nothing capable of leading to awkward conversations with readers, and anything ridiculously amazing will also  be posted here!

But for now, I shall be putting much of my Uni-related news on – enjoy! x

UPDATE: AAH! Realised the link about didn’t work! It does now… x

September 6, 2006 at 10:37 pm 2 comments

Status report

So my idea about eating small regular amounts of food instead of 3 meals a day is going… interestingly.

I managed it for an afternoon, and then had a big supper..!

If I’m honest, I still think it’s a fabulous idea if someone really wants to give it a go..

Meanwhile, my weight seems to have been affected – I now weigh just nine stone six… not great!

And interestingly, buying an £8 pair of primark jeans, I had to get them with a 34 inch inside leg – longer than I have normally bought!

Am I still growing? Only time will tell..!

September 6, 2006 at 9:36 pm 2 comments

An experiment…

The common practice is to eat three meals a day.
Once soon after awaking
Once between midday and 1.30pm
And Once between around 6 and 9pm

Yet we are always also being told that moderation to the extreme is the best way to stay healthy.

Thus I propose a test, I’ll do it, join me if you can..
Screw three meals a day, with propbable snacking in-between.

For the next few days, I’ll try to have something fairly small and healthy every 90minutes or so.

Updates will follow – good luck – may the moderation be with you…

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Just a quickie..

No, not that sort..!

I’ve realised that if you’ve subscribed to this blog using the link on the right hand side of my site that means you receive an email when I update it, you won’t have been able to see the video in my last post..

So, click here to see it in all it’s glory! (you may have to scroll down a bit..)


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